Discussion Courses

These courses suit learners who want to improve their conversation skills.  You will receive all the required resources that cover your suitable topics.  It will depend on your interests: politics, literature, new technology etc. These courses are specifically for intermediate and advanced level.  We will continually evaluate your progress until you reach your target goals.




The course structure may vary depending on the students’ interests. The topics may refer to current articles from local newspapers and magazines. We will work with texts that match the students’ language skills. This way, the texts and topics can be discussed actively by the group. We take care to create a relaxed and friendly classroom environment which encourages students to shed their fears and inhibitions about speaking the language.

Intermediate course

Duration: 10 weeks / 20 hours

Day : Friday 

Time : 12.30 pm  to 2.30 pm

Advanced course

Duration:  10 weeks / 20 hours

Day : Saturday 

Time : 9 am to 11 am

N.BCourse duration and starting dates will be set by mutual agreement between CFLI and the learner.

Portrait of friendly students sitting in